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Human Factors Project

Page history last edited by Brandi Jackson 8 years, 2 months ago

Human Factors Project

Brandi N. Jackson

PSYC 8370

Fall 2015



The purpose of this project is to research and analyze the human-interface interaction. I chose twelve topics to research and analyze. Within each topic, I have included illustrations, pictures, and documentation regarding the design of the item and if any changes are necessary to improve the human-interface interaction. Human factors is important when considering product design because creating an environment that fits one's specific needs increases productivity and efficiency. 


Human Factors Topics

Human Factors in the Kitchen Human Factors on the Highways and Roads
Human Factors in Healthcare Human Factors in ATMs, Self-Check Outs, Kiosks, and Self-Serve Gas Pumps 
Human Factors in Public Transportation Human Factors in Personal Safety and Protection 
Human Factors in Grocery Stores and Grocery Store Products Human Factors in Theme Parks and Other Entertainment Venues
Human Factors in Way-Finding  Human Factors in the Office
Human Factors in Bathrooms Human Factors in Signs

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