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Professional Issues Content

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Professional Issues in I/O Psychology



PSYC 7690

Dr. Robert Bauer

Mondays 3:30 - 4:45 PM

Psychology Building, Room 2007






Professional Issues (PSYC 7690)

This page is dedicated to the documentation of assignments for the Professional Issues course.  As a Valdosta State University graduate student, I am required to document what I have learned in each course I have completed. This page contains the syllabus, assignments, and a synopsis of what I learned throughout the semester.



PSYC 7690 Syllabus Fall 2014.pdf



In this section, I have compiled a list of required readings and assignments for completion of the course. Each week, the students were assigned to give a short 30 minute presentation on their assigned readings or videos. Each student was required to complete two presentations during the semester. My first presentation was based on an article found on the SIOP website, Global Forum: The Global Workforce and Implications for I-O Psychology Practice by Michael Harris. The article covered the important topic of expanding the I-O field beyond North America and the importance of utilizing the knowledge and skills of I-O psychologists in selecting employees as expatriates for global companies. The second presentation covered a YouTube video made by a professor at the University of Arizona, Hello from Dr. Brown. In the video, Dr. Brown introduces I-O psychology as being psychology of the workplace and dispels the common mistake of I-O psychologists being mental health professionals for stressed out CEOs and other employees. Dr. Brown's video was created to appeal to those who are interested in learning a little more about the I-O program at the University of Arizona, business professionals, and newly admitted students. The main focus of the I-O program at U of AZ is military and non-traditional students. The courses are offered in a mixed format of online and face-to-face in order to appeal to the non-traditional demographic.


Required Readings

First Set of Readings Fall 2014.pdf

Second Set of Readings Fall 2014.pdf



Presentation on Opportunities and Threats for I-O Psychology

Presentation on Dr. Brown


Professional Issue Hours:

Along with assigned readings and presentations, each student is required to accumulate at least 30 hours of professional workshop/meeting experience outside of scheduled class meetings. For my professional hours accrued, I attended professional development workshops sponsored by the Employee & Organizational Development office and VSU-SHRM meetings. I received certificates of completion for each professional development course and I have compiled a list of detailed notes from the SHRM meetings.


Pictured above from left to right: Holli Dawkins, Brandi (Jackson) Wright, and Lorena Afa

receiving certificate of completion for the FISH Leadership Series during the Fall 2014 semester.


Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Valdosta State University Chapter:

This page is reserved to document VSU SHRM meetings.  These meetings teach prowess in organizing many different events, discussing pertinent professional issues in today's workplace, and speaking with working professionals about their experiences.  The SHRM student chapter at VSU focuses on professional development and teaching students valuable skills that are applicable to the workplace. Visit the VSU-SHRM CampusConnect page or Facebook page for more information!


EOD Workshops:

You will find workshops offered by the EOD office in this section.  The workshops that I have volunteered to attend were focused on professional development.  Each subsection includes a synopsis of the course, PowerPoint presentations, notes, and a certificate of completion.


Hours Accumulated:

Course/Meeting Speaker(s) Hours
VSU SHRM 08/26/14 Sally Westendorf 
Diversity 101 Maggie Viverette 2                                                            
Diversity 102  Maggie Viverette
FISH! Catch the Energy Release the Potential!






HR 101 (3 day workshop) 



Introduction to Leadership 



Management and Supervision 



Navigating the Personality Maze 



Retention Strategies for Managers



3 Ls of Leadership



Total Hours:   35.5


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Comprehensive Overview of Coursework

Documentation of Practicum Experience



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