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Human Resource Development

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Human Resource Development



PSYC 8360

Dr. Jeremy Bauer

Wednesdays 5:00 - 7:45 PM

Psychology Building, Room 2007





Course Description:

This course is designed to develop the student's understanding of development, administration, and evaluation of strategies most commonly used in the development of human resources in business, industrial, and educational settings. Throughout the semester, we addressed personnel selection from a predictor-criterion measures of job performance, measurement issues, job and task analyses, and the legal and social implications of the human resource development process. Each student learned about common issues encountered during training, methodological issues and best practice guidelines throughout the training process, how to develop a training and evaluate the worth of adding the training to the current system, and how to professionally present training-based research and lead group discussion. Included below are the course syllabus and notes taken from the class:



Training Syllabus Fall 2014.doc


Course Notes:



Course Requirements:

This course was designed to be as applicable and educational as possible. Throughout the semester, the class participated in lab exercises that mirrored activities that we would find in the job field. We used a real electric company, TECO, to analyze and improve. We began by improving TECOs mission statement, developed a training plan, and evaluated the training program. Below are copies of the assignments:

Lab Assignments:

TECO Mission Statement

TECO Job Analysis - Manager & Linemen

TECO Needs Analysis

TECO Needs Analysis Official Report

TECO Training Evaluation


Reference Materials for TECO Project:

TECO Annual Report 

O*NET Data for Job Analysis 

TECO Training Evaluation Tables



Miscellaneous Assignments:

Training Materials Assignment


In order to insure the class completed the weekly assigned readings, each student needed to submit four discussion questions for review by Dr. Bauer. Each of the questions were supposed to be academic in nature and elicit high-level academic responses conducive of class discussion. Dr. Bauer would choose a few thought-provoking questions to discuss at the end of the class lecture. Below are the discussion questions I submitted throughout the semester:


Discussion Questions:  

Week 1
Week 5
Week 10
Week 14
Week 2 Week 6 Week 11  
Week 3   
Week 7   
Week 12
Week 4  
Week 9  
Week 13 


The class was responsible for reading chapters from the text book along with scholarly journal articles. Each week, two students were assigned to present their assigned article to the class. My assigned article, Training Professionals' Usage and Understanding of Kirkpatrick's Level 3 and Level 4 Evaluations by Kennedy, Chyung, Winiecki, and Brinkerhoff (2013), covered the utilization of Kirkpatrick's level 3 behavior-based and level 4 results-based evaluations of training programs. Overall, the authors found a need for more resources, managerial support, and understanding of evaluative methodologies in order to conduct evaluations at level 3 and level 4. Below is a copy of the article and the presentation given to the class:



Kennedy et al. Presentation


Reference Materials:

Kennedy et al. Tables



Take-Home Message:


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